About Us

JRC Web Accessories, Inc.
For the Most Demanding Packaging, Printing and Converting Applications

For over 40 years !
Since 1974 JRC Web Accessories has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of web accessories. Our products are used around the world on various machines ranging from printing presses to diaper machines to film machinery to anything that needs to be held for processing. Thousands of our customers rely on our products every day to automate their equipment.
We’re here when you need us
Each core chuck and shaft we sell is stamped with a serial number. This serial number is used for answering technical questions, ordering spare parts or ordering a new identical unit. Spare parts are available for each and every product we have ever manufactured.  Parts are usually shipped within 1 business day. We also offer an in house repair and rebuilding service in which delivery is approximately one week or less.
Customer satisfaction is our goal
 No matter how large or small a client, we are committed to customer service.

Modern equipment for customer cost savings

JRC Web Accessories owns and operates its manufacturing facility conveniently located in New Jersey within 15 miles of New York City.  CNC and manual machines are used to produce our products to strict quality standards.
Keeping up with the times
3D cad software is implemented for increased efficiency, product visualization and quality control. Our advanced ERP system tracks all of the orders and facilitates delivery. Most quotes are supplied with a PDF requirements drawing. We can also supply drawings and / or solid models in the following formats (listed alphabetically):